Blissful Monday


Blissful Monday

Some people dread Mondays but honestly, it is just another day. As people work different schedules, Monday is not necessarily the beginning of someone's work day. It may be the end of the week for them or the middle of the week. The reality is that Monday is just a day of the week. Don't let the word Monday be a mood changer for you. Take some time and determine why you don't like Mondays. Do you not like the job that you go to on Monday? Why haven't you looked for a new job? Are Mondays too busy for you and that's why you don't like them? Maybe you need to work on time management and that's the real issue. Don't give Monday a bad rep when there's real issues you should be working on that have nothing to do with what day of the week it is.

Personally, I don't like getting up early on Mondays but I've learned that if I go to bed at a decent time on Sunday nights that Monday is no longer an issue for me.

There are many reasons you may not like Mondays including:


Unbalanced life

Lack of sleep

If you recognize that you are not liking Mondays and it could be due to one of these reasons, book an appointment with me so we can get you to a better place.

Self Care as a Single Woman


Self care as a Single Woman

Today I went and got a pedicure then I cried. I cried because it's been a long time since I've really done self care. Self care is important and is necessary. Yes I keep my hair done but that's about it. If I'm neglecting parts of myself as a single what will I do when I'm married and/ or a mother? As preparation for marriage you have to constantly self evaluate and reflect. This is the time to be selfish but it's also time to learn how to serve and submit. To some this seems superficial but honestly, it is important to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself then how will you take care of yourself let alone help your family when married.

Do you take care of self? Your body is a temple and you should ask like such. As I sit here and think about everything I wonder do I truly take care of myself. I'm not talking about the basic things like shower everyday and clean clothes or even clean glasses but the deeper things like when was the last time I exfoliate, waxed/shaved/bleached? are my nails cleaned, buffed, and shaped? Do I have moisturized skin? Is my body alkaline? Have you had some green veggies? Do you cook healthy meals.

Let’s get better this year!



Goals are better than resolutions. Resolutions are firm and to most of us they can only be made in January while goals are flexible and can change as life changes. Let’s lower the pressure to achieve resolutions and instead focus on things that make us better and help us overall.

Dive deeper in my relationship with God. Going to church and taking notes is great but applying the word to our life is better. Study scripture, listen to worship music, read more about a biblical topic that we need to strengthen like faith, or make sure we spend some time with the Lord daily.

Try new recipes. Don’t just pin the recipe to your Pinterest board, actually make the recipe. It’s always great to have options for your next potluck or gathering. I’ve learned so many different things I can cook in my crockpot. The Crock-Pot chicken fajitas was amazing

These are just a few options but the theme is to enjoy your life. Let’s work on being the best people we can be. We know our weaknesses and if you don’t ask your close friends. Let’s keep our strengths up and decrease our weaknesses. Don’t pressure yourself into completing all goals but embrace the process and love the moments. While living life to the fullest I suggest journaling or taking a picture so you can remember your adventures along with the beautiful moments and lessons learned. This is your life so love it. Remember to dream big, rock it, and be dedicated.

Washington DC



I love traveling and I love a good deal. Since the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, I have wanted to attend. This past Fall, Andrea and I were able to get tickets and that meant the beginning of a new adventure. The trip was amazing and thanks to my amazing friend that is a beast with film, it has been documented. Check out our trip: NMAAHC vlog