Let’s get better this year!



Goals are better than resolutions. Resolutions are firm and to most of us they can only be made in January while goals are flexible and can change as life changes. Let’s lower the pressure to achieve resolutions and instead focus on things that make us better and help us overall.

Dive deeper in my relationship with God. Going to church and taking notes is great but applying the word to our life is better. Study scripture, listen to worship music, read more about a biblical topic that we need to strengthen like faith, or make sure we spend some time with the Lord daily.

Try new recipes. Don’t just pin the recipe to your Pinterest board, actually make the recipe. It’s always great to have options for your next potluck or gathering. I’ve learned so many different things I can cook in my crockpot. The Crock-Pot chicken fajitas was amazing

These are just a few options but the theme is to enjoy your life. Let’s work on being the best people we can be. We know our weaknesses and if you don’t ask your close friends. Let’s keep our strengths up and decrease our weaknesses. Don’t pressure yourself into completing all goals but embrace the process and love the moments. While living life to the fullest I suggest journaling or taking a picture so you can remember your adventures along with the beautiful moments and lessons learned. This is your life so love it. Remember to dream big, rock it, and be dedicated.